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It's like paying a very small rent for the best retail space in town, but you get to own the space and... you'll have national coverage.

Why invest in a business with a premium domain name?

Because the foundation of the Internet is trust.

And trust on the internet is generated by a premium domain name.

A premium domain name is providing credibility and authority, more conversions, direct traffic, organic growth, and SEO benefits, is easier to remember, meaning that will save you money on marketing, as less publicity is needed to grow the business and once is established; it will maintain the traffic easier for being memorable (money saving, again); it provides easier brand recognition and can be instantly associated with a service or a product; will increase the overall value of the business, being easier to sell the business in the future and at a higher price; is more attractive for direct sponsorships and can sell publicity spaces at higher prices; is UNIQUE and its value will increase in time, as the world is clearly moving to the online.

Having a premium domain name is like having a premium physical retail store location, but much better. For example: both online and in the physical world, the number one rule when it comes to creating a business is: location. The location on the Internet is your domain name. In the real world the rent will be a few thousand € / month and you don't have national coverage.

This is one in a lifetime opportunity.

In most cases, a premium domain name pays for itself in no time.


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